October 05, 2018 51

Hey guys!

I'm just letting you all know that a lot--A LOT--of changes have come to this blog already!

First, check out that shiny new share functionality! Now the share button loads a shiny new modal screen with sharing links! So far only the copy-to-clipboard part works, but boy am I excited! I've learned so much on this project so far, mainly that hidden html elements can't be selected BUT elements that are just set to size and width 0px can be!

Second, the sharing button actually updates the article entities in the database! Clicking the share button launches the modal, but also links to a post method the server uses to update the share count of that article! It doesn't render anything so the sharing modal isn't lost, which was fun to figure out (hint: use "remote: true"). I also added some fresh javascript that updates the share count on the screen so you don't need to refresh the page to view your gracious contribution to my article!

Third, there are a bunch of admin helpers I've put in. Sadly you guys can't see those, but as soon as I get image capabilities working you'll get to learn all about them!

Until next time, everyone!